We're Back

Our first activity has been to get the GMUG mailing list up and running again, following a brief hiatus. That has now been done and we look forward to hosting meetings and workshops in the coming months. I hope things are not too confusing, but existing members have now been transferred to from the Edna mailing list our new gmug@gmug.org.au mailing list.  The Edna mail and group accounts will be kept open, for possible future use, but from now on, please post your GMUG emails to gmug@gmug.org.au.

Please notify us of anything requiring attention. Email here.

In addition we have now had our Apple UG details updated, recognising the fact that GMUG has not been cast aside. 

By the end of this week I hope to have sorted out the basics of Sandvox 2.1, being used to construct this website. then we should be open for business; ready to invite previous and new members to join us.

Many thanks for your kind words and huge support in the past week. I look forward to working as part of this formidable GMUG team to again provide advice, support, good humour and camaraderie to all who venture our way. - Reg

© Reg Whitely 2019