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September Meeting

Coffee, tea and cake at Toppos

Local Geraldton GMUGgers met at Toppos on 19th September to discuss coffee, tea and cake. We also shared a few tales of the "old times", reminisced over past Showcases and colourful members, and shared some Mac and iPhone related tips and tricks.

Pictured left to right: Anita, Karen, Tim, Reg, Phil, Elaine.

Sept 2015 Update

I've updated Sandvox to 2.10.2 and made some small changes.

2015 Update

2015 Update

Sandvox updated to v 2.10.1

2014 Update

I've just had a timely reminder to update our website. All contributions and suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. I've updated Sandvox to v 2.9, running on my MacBook Pro Retina 15” early 2013, with OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks. All the best to GMUGgers and all who venture to this site.

September Update and Sandvox Version 2.9

Sandvox has been updated to Version 2.9, and with it, this website. For what’s new, see: http://www.karelia.com/products/sandvox/whats-new.html

New object for Vimeo videos

Now it is super easy to add video hosted on Vimeo.com. You use Sandvox to make your website look great. Now include your Vimeo-hosted videos in just a few clicks. Artists and creatives in our community have spoken and we listened.

Revamped publishing engine

Faster publishing for all! You hit the publish button. You notice it’s faster. You’re welcome. If you use SSL security for FTP and WebDAV, Sandvox 2.9 includes new options for you.

More maintenance improvements

Detailed release notes are included in the next section of this page for those who are interested in them.

Sandvox 2.5

I've now updated to Sandvox 2.5.


Welcome to GMUG 2012. This is a very short post, just to say that GMUG is alive and well, and is looking for advice and assistance to develop our maiing list, and this website, even further. I've updated our Sandvox software to v2.2.4. Please feel free to send offers and suggestions to us. Use the contact form as a starting point.


Brief August Update

I've just updated to Sandvox 2.1.7 which is apparently more Lion-friendly. As I'm still using Snow Leopard, perhaps this won't impact on our website at this time. Anyway, I'll upload the changes and see if anything is different. Let me know if anything untoward happens.

On August 1st we received notification that our GMUG has been officially recognised with updated management and contact details: 

See here for the Australian MUG registry: http://support.apple.com.au/usergroups/recordlist.php 

We now need to consider where we head to, regarding live meetings and workshops. 

Comments are invited.

Updating Comments Field

I've being playing around with Disqus and IntenseDebate as providers for our comments. If neither of them work properly, they will both be disabled - it's not worth the time and trouble. Currently IntenseDebate is enabled, but having set the comments field to only open when clicked upon, it still remains fully open on the site. Grr!

An Update

Thank you Steven for your html coding which enabled a Geraldton Google Map in the sidebar. Very clever indeed, and it 'injected' into the Sandvox page with little fuss. Verifying in Sandvox, I did get a stern lecture about using non-html5 code but Steven assures me that's Ok. I've also enabled Disqus comments in the blog and albums. I've played with Disqus settings, so do have a go at posting a comment. Comments and contributors are currently set to be moderated, and an akismet spam filter enabled, in an endeavour to protect our site from undesirable elements. I've also updated Sandvox to v2.1.3 which has some bug fixes and new features. It's a really easy and smooth interface to work with.

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