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GMUG, the Geraldton Macintosh User Group, is a volunteer non-profit organisation located in Geraldton, Western Australia. It brings together people from the Mid West and beyond who have an interest in Apple products, technology and software through meetings and online discussions. 

GMUG has been a forum for all things Apple since its inception in 2001.  Our main purpose is to share our unique perspectives of how Apple technology has been integrated in each of our lives; whether for business, professional, personal or education purposes. 

GMUG members freely exchange knowledge, ideas, help, news and even some laughs. Our membership includes a wide range of home users, business and professional people, educators and students alike.

GMUG is the most northerly Apple User Group in Western Australia. Information is shared through our mailing lists but we also hold a variety of meetings throughout the year.



We are based in Geraldton, Western Australia and our membership list crosses the country.

Our email mailing list is used to answer questions, share new ideas and software, and advise members of our meetings. Our mailing list is an important link between all members, particularly those from far-flung places.

Our bi-monthly meetings are informal gatherings, giving our local membership opportunity to meet together and share knowledge about new products and software. The activities and demonstrations are based upon member suggestions. These meetings are also an opportunity to problem solve with people you've met in person. Members rate this social contact as one of the key benefits of membership.

GMUG is for all users from novices to experienced. GMUG provides an opportunity for all users of Apple products to learn and share in a welcoming and social atmosphere. 


GMUG, The Geraldton Macintosh User Group, has no presence in any social media, other than this website and mailing list. Any page or group listed on social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et al) bearing the name GMUG, ((gmug)) or similar acronym, has no association whatsoever with this group. Note also that as from 12th July 2011, GMUG is under new group management and 'Ambassadorship'.


It is easy to join GMUG and membership is free. By joining our mailing list, you join GMUG. Common list courtesies and good manners are required. A professional code of cooperation and mutual support is expected on the mailing list, and in all business of GMUG and its members. Note that all requests to join the mailing list are moderated. In addition, any postings deemed not appropriate in the GMUG forum will be moderated and deleted.

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