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Best Sites

This is our latest page. 

Post your favourite website, preferably a Web 2+ site,  and a paragraph or two describing it, to our Contact page, or direct it to the GMUG Mailing List, and we will publish it, so long as it's legal and appropriate. This might be your chance for fame.


Pipl - People Search


A comprehensive 'people' web searcher

Enter your email addresses and see what pipl finds out about you. Then try searching for family and friends.

I found it to be a timely reminder to unsubscribe from sites and lists I no longer need.

Quote from the 'pipl' web site.

"We dive into the deep web to bring you results you won't find in any other search engine
then we use a powerful identity resolution engine to link those seemingly disparate results
into a set of meaningful profiles so you can easily find the person you are looking for."           

Best Apps

This is our new page. 

Post your favourite iPhone / iPad / iPod app (application) and a paragraph or two describing it, to our Contact page, or direct it to the GMUG Mailing List, and we will publish it, so long as it's legal and appropriate. This might be your chance for fame.

Congratulations to Steven Tan for his prize-winning Calvetica first contribution (a Freddo Frog). Thank you Steven for rising to the challenge.

Daniel Kerr comes in a close second with Cardstar and FuelWatch.



iTunes link (AU$2.99, Universal app):


This is a beautifully designed and highly functional calendar app to replace the built in calendar on your iPhone and iPad. It syncs with your existing calendars on the phone or Google calendars.

I've always find Apple's built in calendar a bit lacking in terms letting me quickly find an event or modifying an existing one. As an example, I want to set an alarm 30 mins before a meeting today at 3pm (already in my calendar) on my iPhone:

Using Apple Calendar:

1) Tap on appointment

2) Tap on Edit

3) Scroll to and tap on Alert

4) Tap 30 minutes before

5) Tap Done

6) Tap Done (again!)

7) Tap "{Date}" to go back to Calendar view

Using Calvetica:

1) Tap on the "Alarm clock icon" beside the appointment

2) Tap on "30m"

3) Tap anywhere else to dismiss the alarm setting. 

7 steps vs 3 steps. 

© Steven Tan, 2012



I used to use CardsWith.me but they don't do that in Australia anymore for some reason.


Basically you can scan all your rewards cards, including barcodes into the App. You then can leave them at home and not have a 10 million pound wallet with all the reward cards and loyalty cards and "sign up" cards that we seem to collect these days. And as you can take a picture of it with your phone, it has all the relevant info needed with you. Plus you can load in the barcode from the card, so most places can then scan it so you still get all the rewards for it. (And if it doesn't scan you can still read them the barcode to get the points). Very hand app. (I know Apple are about to do something similar with their iOS6 counterpart app, but something like this does for now).


 $2.99 (or the free lite version)


I've found this app invaluable for driving around and looking at petrol pricing. If you're ever on the road or travelling, it's great. I load in my favourite area (which is close to home) and then if I think I'm low on petrol I can see the current prices around me to fill up. (And after 2.45pm I can also see the next day's pricing to compare as well).

If I'm in an area I'm not sure of, I can use the "locate" button to gps my position and then find petrol stations around me. I will tell you the pricing of stations around you, and when you click on it, it will give you their details including address. Then if you need help getting there you can tap "Direction" and it will map from your current location to how to drive there. Good if you're low on fuel and not in an area you know.

I paid for the App as it's well and truly saved over $3 in petrol costs. Quite a few times at the moment I might look at it and see one day is around 128.1c and look to see the next day is going to go down to 118.8c. (while other places are still 128-134c). So I make sure to not fill up until it's cheap again! (as best it can be at the moment,...lol).
Very useful.

©Daniel Kerr 2012



I have just discovered a fantastic app. It's called Prezi and it is a different way of doing PowerPoints. It is more like a mindmap. It is described as a zooming presentation editor. You create the presentation on what looks like a blank canvas, connecting text, graphics and multimedia through a path concept. You can zoom in and out of the information on the canvas, or it can be presented in a linear fashion. 

You can also import PowerPoints that you have already created (I'm not sure if this meant keynotes as well) and re- edit them in a more creative way. There are presentations on the website which demonstrate exactly what it can do. I was amazed by it. Have a look if you do presentations.

© Reg Whitely 2019